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Get a limited time discount for Cosmelan! All the information you need on the skin care product Cosmelan.

Cosmelan is a great new product for the skin. It is actually a depigmentation agent. What it does is decrease melanin in your skin. Melanin is what is responsible for causing spots on your skin or darkening on your skin. Since cosmelan decreases your production of melanin it also inhibits the darkening or spots on your skin.

Cosmelan must be given to you at the clinic. Your first treatment will always be done at the clinic as well. The first thing your doctor will do is evaluate your skin. Then your first treatment will begin with a cleansing of all the dead cells from your skin. This is usually done with an acetone type product.

After the cleansing, cosmelan can start to be applied. This will be a mask that you need to wear for at least 4 to 8 hours. You will be able to leave the clinic with the mask still on. After 48 hours when you get home you will wash the mask off.

In most cases you will start to see results after about one week. Of course the darker your skin is or the worst you have blemishes the longer it will take. But no matter what after 2 to 4 weeks you should start to see significant results.

After your first treatment your skin may turn red and look like a sunburn. If you have sensitive skin you may experience a burning and itching sensation for up to 48 hours. After the first 48 hours the symptoms will resolve for most people. The red and flaking skin will be replaced by new lighter colored skin. You will be impressed at how well cosmelan actually works.

Of course cosmelan may not be for everyone and you should always check with your doctor before applying any new treatment to your skin. But if you have blotches or blemishes or any discoloration of your skin then cosmelan could be the answer to your problems. The usual cost for a cosmelan package is somewhere between $600 and $800.